Bianca and Aldo: the mother and father

Aldo, the only boy of six children, in addition to helping his father Antonio in the fields, was an ironworker and mason: labors that helped him financially develop the farm until he began in ’57 to buy the first fields in the Costalta cru.
In ’64 he married Bianca Dal Bosco, born in Brognoligo to a family of wine merchants. She was called “the German,” beautiful and shrewd, and ran the family tavern with her mother. She brought the entrepreneurial spirit needed to grow by committing full-time to the farming business and spurring Aldo to purchase new plots until he grew to the 13 hectares he has today.
Aldo did not just buy, but selected areas. All vineyards in the hills, certainly more tiring to work, but certainly more vocated, where the “vin bon,” “el vin da monte,” comes from.
He, too, like his father, built his own winery, and his “Magnavacche” winery right in the area of the same name. Equipment is more innovative and winery capacity is growing. It produced bulk wine, which was then sold to individuals and taken by demijohns to taverns as far as the “bassa veronese” and neighboring Lombardy.
It was only after a few years that the wine was also appreciated by the large bottlers in the province, who selected it for the production of their Soave.
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