Grandpa Antonio’s Cellar

The “caneva” dug by Grandfather Anthony was a cramped room of only twenty-four square meters. It was a job that took him an entire summer. Inside his cellar he placed two wooden barrels, 12 and 8 hectoliters. Only after a few years did he succeed in building two concrete tanks, 21 and 23 hectoliters, with wooden manhole covers.
Given the absence of other equipment, it was decanted by hand, with the copper bucket, and feet were used for pressing. The whole family, five daughters and only one boy, Aldo, were lined up in the courtyard at harvest time, armed only with a tub, copper bucket, and wooden “sessola” (scoop).
The daughters went barefoot into the vats, and the crushing began while Anthony shuttled between the courtyard and the cellar, where the must entered the barrels, decanted into the funnel from the copper bucket.
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