Our Vineyards

The first land owned by grandfather Antonio, amounted to only 2 Veronese fields (a little over 6000 square meters) in the “Magnavacche” area, which is still one of the three areas that make up the estate’s vineyard area. The path taken in 1933 of winemaking on one’s own proves successful, and each year Grandfather Anthony is able to purchase new vineyards.

Grandfather’s selection criteria are those that the Tessari brothers with their father Aldo still maintain today: vineyards of only Garganega grapes, located in the classic Soave area.

To date, the company has a 13-hectare property, thanks to the acquisition of the hills of “Costalta” and “Castellaro,” areas of quality and tradition for the production of a historic wine such as Soave Classico.

The vineyards are all located on an average altitude of 150 to 200 m/sl. This mid-hill distribution allows the grapes to ripen in an ideal, healthy and aerated climate, with a high temperature range that encourages the grapes to ripen to the right sugar level. The hillside location also means that the vines benefit from cool, dry soil of volcanic origin, rich in basaltic rocks and clays, which ensure the health of the plant and the enhancement of the minerality and floral aroma that are characteristic of the Garganega grape.

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