Our Work – Packaging

T.E.S.S.A.R.I Winery directly follows all stages of production up to packaging. Each bottle must carry a whole range of mandatory information on the label, which may vary from country to country.

A few hints: in Italy it is compulsory to have the wine’s name, alcoholic strength and quantity, vintage and lot, origin and provenance of the wine, bottler and the statement “contains sulfites” on the label.

For foreign countries, it may be necessary to add the bar code; in the case of the United States, it is mandatory to include the importer’s name and the words “Government Warnings.”

Once the labels are printed, the bottles are packed into cartons and preparations are made for shipping.

Since last year we have been cooperating with some students from institutes in the province who spend a few weeks in the company to come into contact with the working world and gain experience in our reality.

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