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The current vineyard layout is the result of the work of Germano Tessari, who proposed a series of innovations in plantings to improve the quality and health of the vines.

In order to uphold the winery’s philosophy of putting quality first, the family decided to change the training form of all the vineyards to unilateral Veronese pergola and, on the sloping lands, to Trentino pergola. By using a single fruiting shoot in both plants, yields were naturally contained. In addition, the cluster is naturally protected from excessive sun exposure during very hot and sunny years because it ripens below the vegetation, enjoying a cooler and more airy “microclimate.” The position of the cluster makes the stages of harvesting and selection forwilting easier; moreover, in the treatment phase it allows targeted and non-dispersive interventions, making it possible to use minimum quantities of products with maximum results.

Also with a view to quality and optimization of the resources used, the Tessari company preferred a drip irrigation system over traditional sprinkler or run-off irrigation methods, which are more dispersive and subject plants and fruits to potential risks of rot and fungus due to over-watering.

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