Spirits in ferment: the grape harvest at T.E.S.A.R.I. Winery

This is how the grape harvest is described in the Treccani dictionary:

vendémmia s. f. [lat. vīndēmia, lat. tardo vĭndēmia, comp. dei temi di vīnum «vino» e demĕre «levare»]. – 1. Agricultural operation of harvesting grapes, either to be eaten as fruit or to be used for wine-making: fare la v.; i lavori della v.; i contadini sono tutti nel campo per la v.; cominciare, anticipare, ritardare la v.; il tempo della v., e anche la vendemmia, il tempo in cui si fa la raccolta dell’uva (generalmente, la fine di settembre): per la v., eravamo ancora in campagna quell’anno.

For us at Cantina Tessari it is, quite literally, the satisfaction of ‘reaping our own rewards’.

The hours of work with your arms raised take their toll on your back, and at the end of the day the doctor recommends the best cure: a glass of wine with friends.

You have to remember to lift and carry the boxes full of grapes, which for us are around 3 to 3.5 kg, always with correct posture and, regardless of pride, asking for help from colleagues.

There are many insects flying around, attracted by the sweetness of the grape juice (who can blame them!).

However, the beauty of the hilly landscape, the fragrances that surround us and the chatter between workers are all worth it.

The thought of the wine to come fills the thoughts of our cellarman Antonio. Germano, on the other hand, with the care of a mother with her newborn child, picks the bunches of grapes, almost caressing them. Cornelia is already looking towards some new country in the world to which she can introduce our Soave, our Garganega. Aldo and Bianca, with a watchful and attentive attitude, help and monitor their children.

During the harvest, spirits are in ferment, the must is boiling in the vats and the grapes for Recioto are left to dry in the fruttaio.

“No wine for me tonight!” “What’s the matter, do you feel ill? Come here, you’ll get over it! And remember: the best medicine is the one that comes from the cellar!”.


Elisa Franco

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