Spring Time

After the commitments of international trade fairs, we returned to devote ourselves full time to the winery, winery and vineyard. During the winter we continued with pruning in our vineyards, and with the arrival of spring we are turning to replacing old vines.

Our vines range in age from 50 to 90 years, with specimens exceeding 100 on the Magnavacche hill.

Every year we go to check the situation of the vines and go to replace them where necessary. The main cause of vine death is aging, besides that factors are due to fungi attacking the plant or climate.

After one year after the rootstock is planted, the first buds begin to be seen, and after the second year the shoot develops and is then tied off. The appearance of the first clusters begins from the third year of the vineyard’s life.

More pictures of the replanting can be found here


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