That little bunch of flowers from the… country!

“The maiden is from the country,
At sunset,
With his bundle of grass; and he bears in his hand
A bouquet of roses and violets…”.


The rose in the vineyard is an ancient tradition, the sentinel that is the first to be struck in the event of disease. In the past, vine growers used to plant them in the heads of the rows of vines to protect their vineyards as it enabled them to act quickly on the problem to prevent damage to the harvest. They were mainly used for monitoring and verification purposes, making it easier to keep track of the biological cycles of insects and fungi, and thus to implement the best defence.

Today, with the change in agricultural and vine-growing techniques, the planting of roses in vineyards is merely the continuation of an ancient tradition, which ‘nostalgic’ vine-dressers, particularly attentive to biological cycles (like us!), continue to pass on from row to row and generation to generation, colouring the countryside.

But that’s not all! What if we told you that decorating the vines with flowers would be enough to produce an untreated wine? Yes, flowers. In the field, moreover. Nothing fancy, expensive or exotic. Simple indigenous seeds, present in the Veneto countryside since time immemorial

The objective? To create an ecosystem that favours the development of flora and fauna integrated with the vineyards, enriching the soil and at the same time attracting those insects capable of naturally combating the parasites that attack the grapes. The system is simple: the flowers, planted between the rows, attract insects, which in turn are attracted to and feed on the plant’s pests. A system that already allows a 40% reduction in pesticide treatments in the first year.

And with the scent of flowers inebriating our sense of smell, let’s enjoy the beginning of this spring!




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