The day Spring spread

One day, in a distant time, humanity went through a strange time.

Men, women and children could no longer go out: an evil wandered the streets, a terrible evil that took your breath away.

The only way to avoid it was to stay in their homes waiting for him to pass, the doctors in the hospitals, the couriers to deliver the shopping, the farmers to follow the season.

Nature had not stopped: they were beautiful days, full of sun and wind, full of warmth and flowers.

The vineyards wept, waiting to blossom. Flowers began to fill the rows, waiting for bees and insects. The sun warmed the earth. Spring spread among the hills, the plains, the mountains, on the balconies of the houses, on the beaches, in the souls of the people.

Spring was rampant in that country which was called Italy. It came to remove a bit of fear, to give hope to the future.

It was rampant in Europe. It spread throughout the world.

Men, women and children watched her from inside their homes. Waiting to go out, soon, and run among those meadows, walk on those hills, climb those mountains, drink a glass of wine with friends, sunbathe on the beaches.

Spring arrives and, every year, it carries all this in the hearts. And it will continue to do so.


Ph. The Costalta vineyard. March 17, 2020



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