The Grisela winery

Of all our wines, Grisela is the one that most represents our family: the Soave Classico, only Garganega that we have always produced since grandfather Antonio.

We called it Grisela precisely for this reason: because we are the Grisela, the Tessari “with cavei grisi”.

It all started from here: from the cellar that the grandfather dug by hand, in the basalt rock.

While doing the work for Corte Grisela, we too rediscovered it: the bare rock, the concrete tanks, everything is still there. We reopened it, it hosts our past, our old vintages and now it’s part of our company tour.

It is incredible to think about when it was built: in 1933, without means, by hand, driven by the desire to produce something good and support the family. And in a historical moment like this, the memory of the grandfather is there, telling us to rediscover and renew the past, to look to the future.


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