Cornelia: the roots of our history

The evolution of the Tessari brand now bears the proper name of a woman.

Cornelia represents the roots of our history: a great wife alongside grandfather Antonio  and a strong mother for Aldo , who developed the company over time together with his wife Bianca.

Cornelia is the present that lives on in the name of her granddaughter who today leads the winery together with the brothers Antonio and Germano, constantly projecting herself towards the future.

Antonio e Cornelia

In 1933 Antonio Tessari built the first small cellar, origin of the current winery. At his side his wife Cornelia. 

Aldo e Bianca

Aldo, son of Antonio and Cornelia, later took over the reins of the company and made it grow with many sacrifices, together with his wife Bianca.

Antonio, Cornelia e Germano

Today the third generation at the helm of the company is represented by Antonio, Cornelia and Germano, Aldo and Bianca's children.

We are a Soave Classico winery that believes in using Garganega grape. From 1933 to today, from the vineyard to the bottle, our idea of wine has never changed.

Harvesting grapes by hand is a respectful, slow and sustainable gesture for us. It is not just a tradition, but it represents much more: it’s the symbol of our bond with the land that has nourished us for three generations.


We made a clear choice, that is, to believe only in the Garganega grape, without compromises. From the same shoots with different processes, we get all our wines.


Since 2013 we have adopted organic methods. We firmly believe that respect for the environment is a value to be safeguarded day after day with every small gesture.

100% Soave Classico

Our passion for wine develops among the hills that rise harmoniously around our company. A deep bond with the land that has nourished us for three generations.


As a winery we are proud members of Fivi, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers. A choice to protect our precious work, from the vineyard to the bottle.

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