Avus Garganega sui Lieviti

  • Grapes:
    100% Garganega
  • Name:
    Garganega V.se IGT Sparkling
  • Vineyard area:
    Hills of Monteforte d’Alpone
  • Ground:
    Volcanic and clayey
  • Service:
    6 ° -8 °
  • Format
    6 / 750ml



A dedication to our ancestor, grandfather Antonio Tessari, who with a wise and far-sighted approach started our family tradition linked to wine; Avus is the modern reinterpretation of the sparkling wine that the grandfather loved to bring to the table every day.


Garganega in purity, Avus is a sparkling wine with a base, as it was once before the modern techniques of sparkling wine.

The hand-picked grapes in plastic crates are de-stemmed and transformed into must by soft pressing. Avus is fermented at a controlled temperature between 16 ° and 18 ° in stainless steel tanks for about 3 months in contact with the fine lees and yeasts.Unfiltered, it is kept with its own yeasts in the bottle.

Tasting Notes

First of all, we recommend shaking the bottle gently: with this operation the characteristic “base” is suspended in the wine, which will give it the distinctive scent of yeast and bread crust.

We also suggest chilling the wine to help dissolve the carbon dioxide and slowly uncorking the peculiar crown cap.

It is characterized by an intense aroma of yellow pulp fruit and honey. The light note of bread crust is given by the yeasts, while the bitter one is typical of the Garganega grape.


Pizza! The Avus will be a great substitute for the traditional beer + pizza pairing, try this pairing and we guarantee you will feel less bloated and more satisfied.

Other pairing ideas can be: pesto rolls with cherry tomatoes, vegetables in batter, mixed cured meats, risotto with tastasal or with grilled fish and shellfish.



Additional information

Annata Avus Garganega

2020, 2021

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