Tre Colli Recioto di Soave DOCG

  • Grapes:
    100% Garganega
  • Name
    Recioto di Soave Docg
  • Vineyard area:
    Hills of Monteforte d’Alpone
  • Ground:
    Volcanic and clayey
  • Alcohol
  • Service
    12 ° -14 °
  • Format
    6/500 ml



Recioto Tre Colli owes its name to the three hills to which the vineyards owned by the Tessari family cling.
Sull’etichetta troviamo Aldo Tessari durante la vendemmia: fu lui a produrre per la prima volta questo vino distintivo della nostra cantina.


The naturally scattered bunches for our Recioto are first selected in the vineyard exclusively by family members and thenharvested at the right ripeness to be placed in plastic crates for drying in the drying room from the end of September until the first days of February.

It is then vinified in stainless steel tanks for about 9 months and aged in the bottle for at least 12 months.

Tasting Notes

Our Recioto has a bright and sunny golden yellow color. The nose has an intense aroma of exotic fruit and spicy notes.

Harmonious and velvety flavor with a particular note of toasted almond, enveloping and sweet but at the same time fresh and savory.

The right balance of sweetness and elegance that always maintains energy and vitality.


Were you looking for a wine to enjoy while reading a book or when you need to switch off?
Recioto Tre Colli will satisfy your every desire!

The ideal combination is with dry pastries or pies, for cheese lovers try it withGorgonzola, Stilton or blue and aged cheeses.


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