The boxed set for toasting for two

An exclusive gift box as a lasting symbol of prestige and uniqueness. The perfect gift to celebrate love, friendship or simply the pleasure of sharing a special moment.

That is why we have enclosed our “Utopia di Garganega” Vermuth and “Tre Colli” Recioto di Soave DOCG in a precious gift box containing two goblets and a bottle all to share.

Garganega Utopia Vermouth

The “Utopia di Garganega” gift box, containing the bottle and two tumbler glasses, is our proposal for an elegant and refined gift, impeccable for both “her” and “him.”

The perfect choice for those who like to enjoy aperitif time or can’t give up a good digestif at the end of a meal.

This Vermouth is a combination of twenty officinal botanicals from the Garda and surrounding areas that make “Utopia di Garganega” fresh and rounded; but each sip finds its greatest pleasure on the finish, characterized by a clear bitter note. From Vermouth come some of the most historic cocktails: the Negroni, the Sbagliato and the Americano.

Those who love these drinks will be sure to appreciate the irresistible note of flavor and freshness that our Vermouth gives them.

Three Hills - Recioto di Soave

This box containing a bottle and two goblets is distinct, fine and accurate; the
Ideal gift for both “her” and “him.”

For those who have already tried our wines and were enthralled by them or for those who,
is intrigued by it and wants to learn more about it: the “Tre colli” Recioto di Soave DOCG gift box is the most suitable choice.

In each of the wines bearing the name Cornelia T.E.S.S.A.R.I. there is a story of
family, territory and working method.
This wine owes its name to the three hills to which the vineyards of
property of the Tessari family and its very creator is depicted during the harvest on the label: Aldo Tessari.

It has a golden yellow color, bright and radiant. It is sweet but at the same time fresh and savory, with an intense and exotic aroma. It looks perfect to be enjoyed with dry pastries or paired with cheeses, enjoyed in moments of relaxation and at the end of the day, alone or in company.

The box becomes the ideal gift for those who love good wine, but especially for those who love to try new flavors.


The boxed set for toasting for two