Roasted Sea Bass with Artichokes and Malt Scented Brace and Bottarga – Osteria dello Strecciolo (LC)

Clean the sea bass of its scales and cut it into 140-gram slices.

Clean 4 artichokes from thorns and tough outer leaves, cut into 4 remove beards and place in a vacuum bag, add salt, pepper, bay leaf and Evo oil. Saute at maximum power and cook in the roner at 90° for 60 minutes; when cooked, blend half of the artichokes, and emulsify with evo oil.

Prepare a coals with the artichoke scraps. Withdraw of fire and add extra virgin oil, put in vacuum bag and pass in roner for 45 minutes at 60°, finished open and pass to etamine.

Take 1/3 cup of embers oil put it in a saucepan and add malt, bring to 60° stirring until lumps form.

Salt and pepper the sea bass; cook on the skin. Arrange on the plate a spoonful of artichoke cream, the grilled oil earth, the sea bass escalope and a grating of sea bass roe and two artichokes.

We pair it with Soave Classico Doc Grisela

Osteria of the Strecciolo

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